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1959 Fleer Ted Williams Set. #13 Set Registry on PSA with pack. $9,999.00
  Here is the link to see an item by item grade of each card and the pack.
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1986 Fleer Basketball Complete Set wih Jordan and Jordan Stickers PSA 7! $9,999.00
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1986 Fleer Jordan                                     1986 Fleer Jordan Back
        1986 Fleer Jordan Sticker                         1986 Fleer Jordan Sticker Back
1986 Fleer Barkley Front                          1986 Fleer Barkley Back   
 1986 Fleer Drexler Front                        1986 Fleer Drexler Back
1986 Fleer Ewing Front                             1986 Fleer Ewing Back    
1986 Fleer Worthy Front                         1986 Fleer Worthy Back

1985 Jewel Prism Michael Jordan  PSA 6. $12,999.00

Image of the Front       Image of the Back


1959 Topps Baseball High Grade Set $9,999.00
IMAGE Links (Click on each to see exact image)

1959 Hank Aaron Front        1959 Hank Aaron back
1959 Ernie Banks Front          1959 Ernie Banks Back
1959 Yogi Berra Front      1959 Yogi Berra Back
1959 Brooks Robinson Front    1959 Brooks Robinson Back
1959 Roy Campanella Front    1959 Roy Campanella Back
1959 Roberto Clemente Front      1959 Roberto Clemente Back
1959 Dodgers Team Front    1959 Dodgers Teaqm Back
1959 Bob Gibson Front      1959 Bob Gibson Back
1959 Harmon Killbrew Front    1959 Harmon Killebrew Back
1959 Al Kaline Front      1959 Al Kaline Back
1959 Sandy Koufax Front     1959 Sandy Koufax Back
1959 Mantle All Star Front    1959 Mantle All Star Back
1959 Topps Roger Maris Front    1959 Topps Roger Maris Back
1959 Topps Mays All Star Front     1959 Topps Mays All Star Back
1959 Topps Stan Musial Front     1959 Topps Stan Musial Back
1959 Topps Warren Spahn Front      1959 Topps Warren Spahn Back
1949 Bowman Baseball #50 Jackie Robinson PSA 3.5 VG+ A high end card for the grade. $6,999
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1949 Bowman Jackie Robinson Front      1949 Bowman Jackie Robinson Back
1941 Playball Paper Uncut Sheet A rare uncut sheet of 12 paper versions.
This sheet has 3 Hall of Famers. Right edge missing white border. Displays great. VG $1799

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1941 Playball Sheet Front       1941 Playball Sheet back
Joe DiMaggio Autographed Yankee Postcard. Beckett Authentic $399
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Joe DiMaggio Postcard      Letter of Authenticity
June 13, 1948 Babe Ruth Wire Photo.
Shown at his old locker with Bob Meusel and Mark Koening.
A few months before his death. Vg with creases $449

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Babe Ruth Wire Photo Front     Babe Ruth Wire Photo Back
1968 Topps Football Complete set.
A nice Ex/Exmt set with a small amount of lesser grade cards. $1099
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1968 Dick Butkus Front      1968 Dick Butkus Back
1968 Mike Dtika Front       1968 Mike Ditka Back
1968 Bob Griese Front     1968 Bob Griese Back
1968 Jack Kemp Front    1968 Jack Kemp Back
1968 Joe Namath Front      1968 Joe Namath Back
1968 Gale Sayers Front      1968 Gale Sayers Back
1968 Bart Starr Front     1968 Bart Starr Back
1968 Fran Tarkenton Front     1968 Fran Tarkenton Back
1968 John Unitas Front     1968 John Unitas Back

1963 Topps Peel-Offs Mickey Mantle PSA 6 Instruction Back $379
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1963 Topps Peel-Offs Mantle Front       1963 Topps Peel-Offs Mantle Back

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